Welcome to Therapeutic Attitude. Here are some (fairly) recent posts


24th September, Compass Bearings

12th June, Why Normal?

5th May, Horse-Whispering

27th January, Pebbles and People


19th October, The Denial of Shit and the Impossibility of Institutional Compassion

15th September, Diagnosis: With great power goes great responsibility

23rd June, The Sins of the Pathway

26th March, Transference: A reflection on not being the Other

10th Jan, Nature of Evidence – After the day

2nd Jan, Learning Respect – a reflection

In 2016 Karnac Books published Being With and Saying Goodbye. Cultivating Therapeutic Attitude in Professional practice . This site takes the discussion forwards and explores notions of Therapeutic Attitude, Values-Based Practice, and the role of Subjective Evidence.Please join in. You can probably do this by using the “leave a reply” box, particularly under the Questions and Comments page. Whatever you post, please do make it polite. Maybe follow those methods that are taught for giving constructive feedback. Postings are moderated, so if you write something offensive (to me or anyone else) it will not appear.

Check out the book! You will find here a posting on Being With and Saying Goodbye. It will tell you at least a bit about the book. There are links to the publisher’s pages as well as some places you can buy it.

There are a number of other pages, listed in the menu in the top right of this page. For example, because the subtitle of the book is Cultivating Therapeutic Attitude in Professional Practice I posted a brief explanation of what I mean by Professional Practice and why I chose to use that phrase, rather than to settle entirely on my own area of practice which is Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Also, if you are interested in what else I have written you can look at a list of papers which I am gradually annotating. You will find that this is not a typical academic oeuvre.

Oh, and I tweet @afwesty

add another page.


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