The Nature of Evidence

Chapter 3 of Being With and Saying Goodbye sets out my view of how an impoverished notion of “evidence” erodes mental healthcare in particular, but consider the following:

1) Daniel Barenboim says, of playing music, that it results in “a wonderful combination of more knowledge and nothing materially there to show for it”.

2) Grayson Perry says, in the introduction to his televised series of culturally embedded artworks, “I am going to find the truth…”

And imagine my excitement when a friend pointed me towards a book called The Politics of Evidence and Results in International Development

I now envisage a seminar attended by people from healthcare, therapy, qualitative and quantitative research, ethics, philosophy, music and the arts, as well as International Development (which, after all, is not so very far removed from Child Development).


PS: The Seminar was hosted by the Collaborating Centre for Values-Based Practice. and took place in November 2016: Nature of Evidence – After the day

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3 thoughts on “The Nature of Evidence

  1. Hi Andrew – I am very interested in this issue and will keep an eye out for news of the seminar. Some kind of notion of what constitutes ‘evidence’ seems to be at the core of psychotherapeutic practice as well as in research into psychotherapeutic outcomes.
    Best wishes
    Pete McPhail


  2. Delighted to hear from you Pete. The seminar is fully subscribed, I am afraid, but I shall keep you in mind in case space opens up – and email you. There is also a conversation about therapeutic/creative conversations to be had.


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